Citizen-country fit

Blog post

My mission at Baseflow is to help people live where they're treated best.

However, different people have different preferences, and of course, there's no size fits all when choosing a place to live. I think a good term to describe what Baseflow aims to do would be "improving the global citizen-country fit".

I find it helpful to take the concept of product-market fit (which means creating a product that matches the preferences of a particular market) and apply it to governance.

So if someone is a communist and wants to move let's say, to China—to live in a communist ideology that trades under capitalist principles—, we should make it as easy and fast as possible for that individual to move there, because there's (allegedly) an excellent citizen-country fit.

This also means that new governance models will emerge to satisfy the preferences of niches of citizens as they now have the freedom to move wherever they want - but haven't found their place yet.

Photo by Y K / Unsplash