I hated being a content creator.

Blog post

Everybody that has been consistently posting content on social can tell you one thing: it's really fucking tiring.

Why? Well, I posted more than 100 videos on YouTube from January 2020 to October 2021. I made short videos, long videos, podcasts, and everything you can imagine. And I enjoyed it - partially.

If the content you're creating doesn't naturally emanate from you, you're not gonna make it. And I believe this is the key to having the persistence you need to find content-market fit. Because even if you like it, which I did, it's really exhausting to keep fueling the engine - especially if you value freedom as I do. In the end, you're just a slave working for your audience, talking about the topics they want you to talk about, and creating content the way algorithms want you to do it.

Yet, I believe there's another way: documenting. And that's what I'm going to try for the next year - while I build my own startup. By documenting your life, you are not creating content. You are the content. You don't need to constantly be preparing topics, researching, and curating information. Content just naturally flows from you to whoever wants to pay attention to what you have to show to the world.